August 4, 2017 Mitch Durfee

My Trip to New York City

This weekend, I received a call from my great friend- Tim Allen. (No, not the famous actor from the TV show Home Improvement). He is a luxury real estate broker in South Beach. I First met Tim when I visited Florida on 

Vacation in March! We met when I posted in the ClickFunnels online Facebook group about my upcoming book launch of Serve 2 Win ( ClickFunnels is a program that I use daily to build sales funnels and webpages for both my businesses and our clients (

Back to the story! It’s 7pm on Saturday and he says “I’m going to New York City for a conference you should come down”.

Of course me being a sucker for growth, I asked where he was staying and I’d go if I could get a flight. I called the hotel and the staff said they were at full capacity and had no rooms available. Well, I jumped on priceline and booked the same hotel online with no troubles (Never take the first NO as the gospel! Double check, triple check, whatever it takes to get the results you want).

8 hours later, I’m on a flight to NYC and I arrived earlier than the 3pm check in time. I was stuck behind an older lady who sounded like she was having troubles getting an early check in for her room. She was demanding and had elevated expectations that the hotel staff would accommodate her early arrival, even though the hotels policy was 3pm check in.

It reminded me of the story of the snowplow lady in the first chapter of my book! However this time I had the opportunity to witness the whole back and forth behind this woman and guest services. She was frustrated, angry, and was pushing to get her needs met. However, because she started off with the expectations that the hotel staff MUST let her check in early, was rude and demanding, the staff wasn’t budging. She left frustrated to come back and check in at 3pm.

As she walked away, the receptionist called out “next guest please!”. I approached the desk with a timid, cheerful look on my face, because I knew exactly how the man felt. Boiling on the inside from the battle he just went through. His chemistry not being in its peak state, the adrenaline still secreting. I smiled and said “hey, I’m not in any rush and honestly if you need a minute to catch up, or take any notes, don’t feel like you have to start right away”.

He said “no worries” and asked “how can I help you?”. I chuckled and said “well….I was going to ask to see if I could check in early but…from the sounds of it, you don’t have any rooms ready yet?”

He replied with “well, let me bring up your reservation and see what we can do”. I booked last minute so quite honestly, I would have been happy with a room in the basement. A few minutes later, he said “it looks like you are currently in section 1-7, we do have a handicap room available for early check in if you would be interested in that”. I politely declined and said “honestly, it’s not a big deal. I can wait until 3pm, I was just in the area and figured I would swing by to check”. I told him that I had called last night and they said they were booked, so I jumped online last minute to book the room, so I totally understood that there weren’t any rooms ready yet.   

In an instant you could see this excited look come over his face: “it looks like we have a room on the 27th floor overlooking Times Square. That one is available now and I could upgrade your stay for no charge”. Slightly confused but excited, I said “you don’t have to do that but….that would be absolutely incredible!”.

The hotel receptionist replied “we like to do things for people that aren’t demanding, you came up and were understanding and extremely easy to work with. When people just expect us to do something is when it’s a real pain”.

Inside I laughed and said “hold on one second”. I reached into my bag and pulled out a copy of my #1 National Best Selling Book, Serve 2 Win – 8 Steps To Making a Living & a Life and handed it to the gentleman. I told him about the book and explained how it goes through the exact same process. No one ever wants to do something if they are forced into it and that the feeling of doing something for someone is 10 fold when we are able to do it on our own! He asked me to hold on for another minute and started typing into the computer some more. “I added 24 hour room service onto your stay for free. Please feel free to use it and breakfast at the hotel restaurant is on us!”

Talk about service! The hotel didn’t have to do any of those things. I was happy just to have a place to stay while visiting my friend.

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