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My Trip to New York City

This weekend, I received a call from my great friend- Tim Allen. (No, not the famous actor from the TV show Home Improvement). He is a luxury real estate broker in South Beach. I First met Tim when I visited Florida on 

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Mitch Durfee - Ten Tips Blog

Over the Last Year I set a Goal of Purchasing 1 Million Dollars In Real Estate

Through the Power of Goal Setting I was able to achieve this milestone!


Along the Way I learned 10 tips that helped me every step of the way! I Decided to share these tips with everyone that Follows me, and that is looking to learn! I put this page here: www.MitchDurfee.com/ten-tips

There are several things that I discovered through attending Tony Robbins Business Mastery, and Genius Networking Group, and Unleash The Power Within by Tony Robbins. At all of these events not only did I meet amazing entrepreneurs and Business owners, I was also able to discover who I needed to become and the things I needed to do in order to achieve the results that I want out of life!

Going back to November 19th 2015, when I set the Goal to Purchase 1 Million Dollars worth of real estate. I knew then it would be a challenge but I put that goal on the back drop of my phone, computer and even on my mirror so everyday even when I didn’t want to be reminded of it. I had to stare it in the face. This kept the goal front of mind and because of that allowed me to ask the questions necessary for me to smash my goal! Now this tip along with 9 others are inside the Ten Tip list! I have built and coached several businesses using these same exact 10 tips that have helped them and myself reach the covenant 7 figure businesses today! I wanted to share these with you! There is no charge so jump on over to the link below to download your guide and of course if you are looking for a success coach that will help you reach your 3, 6, 9 or 12 month goals Then contact me today and lets get started! You already know that if its a goal, then it needs to be immediate with out any hesitation!


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