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Serve 2 Win: 8 Steps to Making a Living & a Life
National #1 Bestseller
The single most successful basis for any endeavor is to lead with being of service. My book breaks down 8 Steps to create lasting habits in your business, career, and life.
Speed Reading Course
Double Your Reading Speed
FOUR Years ago I Discovered that Readers are leaders! I used this perfectly meticulous process to go from reading ZERO Books a year to atleast 1 book per week for the last FOUR years!
Inner Circle: Wolf Pack
Run With The Best - LIMITED to only 100 people at a time
Surround Yourself With The Experts! Compress the amount of time it takes for you to gain the knowledge needed to succeed. This Group is exclusive to people that are willing to give more to others, and provide explosive value to any and all members!
Business Tool Kit
The Exact Resource's I Used to Scale 3 Companies to 7 Figures
This Tool Kit is 100% Free and is available to anyone! I spent thousands of dollars and hours discovering the tools needed to build successful businesses time and time again. Put these systems into any business and it will free up your time and add to your bottom line
Mitch Durfee's Business Builder Tool Kit
Personal Coaching: Over The Phone
Looking for a new approach? - Need An Experts Opinion?
Get Answers and Directions! Set up a one-2-one Coaching Call to discover the answers to the challenges you are facing!
There is nothing like having an Expert In Your Pocket!
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