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From Combat Veteran To Entrepreneur, Investor,
3 Time Bestselling Author
and Business Consultant

Do any of these three scenarios sound familiar?

Our company is small. But growing fast. I wear most of the hats: Marketing. Sales. CEO. And more…It’s exhausting at times. I’d like to hire help. But I don’t really know how…

Most days I end up doing everything myself. We don’t really have systems in place to scale. It’s all in my head. I have a few employees… I could train them? But I don’t have a system to do it. Much less know how.

I know where I want my company to be. I think my team knows the companies goals, My largest obstacle is finding people who are reliable and accountable. I feel like I can only rely on myself. It gets hard sometimes.

If so, you’re in the right spot.

Hey there, I’m Mitch Durfee

I’ve launched and grown multiple companies in real estate and digital marketing, among others.

So I’ve dealt with every day business problems like these…

And I’ve developed systems enabling me to grow my companies exponentially.


My mission is to serve others by helping them find similar success.


Instead of wearing yourself out trying to wear all the hats in your growing company, you learn and implement proven strategies to hire or outsource help.

Imagine having a mentor: A guide to help you finally get your business processes out of your head and into a system that can train your employees and allows you to consistently scale.

Imagine creating a real vision for your company. One that drives your entire team forward, enabling you to bring on new employees that pay for themselves (all while taking tasks off your plate so you can finally take a vacation!).

Imagine growing your customer base so much that it feels like fishing for leads in a giant and plentiful pond – rather than a tiny puddle with no fish at all!

When vision becomes reality.

I can help you grow and scale your business with strategies that:

Generate more income

Free up time

Build a massive customer base.

And once you do that?

Growth becomes attainable, achievable, and inevitable.

You and your staff will be able to see a clear path to follow.

…instead of that treading water (staying afloat)  feeling you might be experiencing where you are now.

Highly Successful People Plan Their Days!

Before I go on, I know we just met, so I want to share…

what other people I’ve worked with are saying about me:

What Others Are Saying About Mitch

Mitch is a soldier ready to spring into action at any minute…I talk to him four times a week
Jay C. –  Business Consultant



Thank you so much to Mitch Durfee and his course How To Build A Million Dollar Team. My company is growing rapidly. One of the challenges has been building my team. I knew I needed to do it… Mitch’s course broke it down – step by step process. Now I have people around the world!
Raitis S. CEO ThriveCourses.Com

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