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A small business cannot run successfully (with the rare exception of home-run businesses)

Without employees!

In the event that you can, life would be a lot easier if you had a few team members under the belt.

Start Today To Build Your Million Dollar Team…


Here’s just a bit of what’s included in this training

Learn The #1 Thing You Should Start Doing Today To Motivate Prospective Employees To Join Your Team!

Why a Team and Company Vision is so Important.

What the Optimal Team Looks Like, and Who Should Fill the Key Roles.

The DOs and DON’Ts of Hiring an Optimal Team.

How to Train Your Team to Take Responsibility for the Companies Growth.

And more!

Hi, I’m Mitch Durfee, Veteran and Entrepreneur.

So, what is this brilliant page about? Glad you asked!

Build Your Million Dollar Team is a launchpad for entrepreneurs who want to build and manage a successful team which will help them reach their goals.

Have you ever felt stuck in your business, without a solution to grow and automate a huge portion of it?

I’ve been building several businesses for the past 10 years, in doing so I’ve worked through the challenges and documented the journey. I’ve managed 200+ people in my lifetime, Helped several businesses to 10x their teams results, helped many local businesses set up their systems, and even had a few international clients… YOU NAME IT!

After years of growing teams for myself and others I felt obligated, to share this knowledge with as many business owners and team leaders as possible. With this valuable info, you will save thousands of dollars and months of your most precious commodity, TIME.

Company Vision

Create the reason for others to join your team and lead them to the highest levels possible. Begin becoming the lighthouse so that people can’t wait to join your company.

Recruit & Hire

Have you ever caught yourself saying “I’d hire someone. But I don’t have the money. Or enough business.” Or maybe you would hire someone but it feels like there’s nobody out there looking for work? This course will show you not just where to find the best talent, but also how to properly recruit and hire them.

Project Management

Do you have automated systems for lead generation, hiring and following up with clients? Learn how to implement procedures in your company that will dramatically increase productivity and allow you to free up time by leveraging a high-performance team.

What Do Others Say About Me?

And a Little bit More…

When I started my business I had people come up to me and ask me why I was trying so hard and why did I have to be so good. I was thinking I was the freak until I met Mitch Durfee. He was an even bigger freak than I was and there is a lot us out there looking to achieve more success. When I met Mitch and I knew he could drive more than I could and it was ok to be good, it was ok to try hard, it was ok to achieve more.

Jay Cummings

(Business Consultant & Marketing Expert)

Mitch has been helping me out a lot lately and it’s really nice to hear him talk about some of his goals and some of the challenges and the things he’s willing to do to get to the next level. He is one of those rare gems that is not willing to go alone. He wants to go to the next level in life but he wants to take as many as possible with him and that a rare find in people. One of the ways he’s personally helping me is he is helping me get my book published and I have been trying for a year. I really appreciate all that you do for other people and I love watching your story.

Hope Bockus

(BodySoul Massage School Founder)

I sell luxury real estate and I want to tell you about Mitch Durfee’s course on building a million dollar team. When you build a team you really transition from having a job to having an actual business and that business can help free up your time, allow you to do more things with your family, to reach for the stars and build other business. But you can’t do that until you actually build a successful business yourself. One that helps you get to the next place in life. If you want the best shot of doing it check out Mitch Durfee’s course.

Tim Allen

(Luxury Real Estate Broker)

About Mitch

I  specialize in helping entrepreneurs develop and implement business strategies that help generate massive amounts of sales (no matter what you sell).

If you are ready to produce more income, free up more time, and build a huge customer base then I can certainly help you.

I will help you discover the strategies to be able to generate more income, free up more time, and build a huge ridiculously loyal customer base!


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Anyone who is not completely satisfied with my course can request a full refund within 30 days of their purchase.

Do you want to turn your small team into a larger, more functional and highly effective team so you can hit your professional goals with less stress and effort?