Rehab Deal Analyzer


By: Mitch Durfee

Provided everything checks out and you believe the property holds potential, you may proceed to conduct a desktop analysis. Following the initial phone call with the seller, conduct your own research with the tools available to you online. The information you uncover will determine whether or not it’s worth your time physically visiting the property.

There are five critical financial areas to cover over the course of your desktop analysis, not the least of which will help you uncover a deal’s true potential.


Thinking of flipping a house?


One thing is for certain: a real estate investor shouldn’t buy a property simply because they think it represents a great opportunity, but rather because the numbers say so. Running a proper real estate deal analysis has more to do with the scientific method or a mathematical equation than it does with a good feeling in that there is a process. At the very least, analyzing a property’s profit potential is overtly objective. The average deal is simply too expensive to base its outcome on an assumption alone; you have to be sure the numbers work in your favor. That said, you had better know how to analyze a real estate rehab if you ever hope to realize your true potential.