Serve 2 Win | Audiobook & Ebook


Durfee’s Serve 2 Win guidebook offers an enthusiastic but reality-based approach to business building, while helping would-be entrepreneurs gain confidence in their ability to realize big dreams. The book offers a well-tested, step-by-step methodology that, while challenging (the way any new endeavors are) is within reach of all those who want to own their own business, and as a result, direct their own life.


With service as the foundational principle, Durfee outlines the eight steps (which are also tools) that helped him launch three successful small businesses, and coach over 500 clients to launch their enterprises. These steps are key in creating and sustaining a business, and they include:  Having the Right Values; Setting Goals; Creating a Support Network; Cultivating a Positive Mental Attitude; Taking Action; Protecting Your Time; Building Your (small business) Team; and Positioning Yourself to Win.