Learn how to “Hire A Team” that helps grow your business & free up more of your time!

Learn why hiring a team is the only way that you’ll be able to ever free up your time and grow the bottom line of your business! If you are not leveraging the skills of other people you’ll never be able to take your foot off the gas inside your business without sacrificing income!

Presenter: Mitch Durfee, Founder of Green Rock Investments & Best Selling Author of Serve 2 Win

Tired of hiring the wrong people?

Are you constantly trying to figure out new ways to motivate your team?

Are you struggling with getting results from your team?

In this webinar I’ll show you where to find the best people to add to your team, and how to communicate with them so you get massive results! 

  • The new model of recruiting “A Players” and getting massive results from your team, that doesn’t require CASH BONUSES, Paid Time Off, or Helicopter Management (always overlooking) of professionals.
  • How to make your competition irrelevant and never worry about building your team again, even if you have never hired an employee before!